Places to go: Deadshot

From the talented team behind Caretaker, new hotspot Deadshot is certain to be your next go-to cocktail bar with a twist. With more than 1000 cocktail recipes, there’s definitely a little something for everyone.

Image sourced from Deadshot Facebook Page

You’ll be forgiven if you can’t find the place – we must have walked past three times before finally spotting the mysterious dark green door tucked away off the bustling strip of Ponsonby Road.

It’s as if you’ve stepped back 100 years in time with the antiquated furnishings and dimly lit intimate Prohibition-era vibe. It’s dark and moody, yet has surprising versatility to cater to any occasion, from romantic dates, to catch up with friends, from the start or the end of a night out.

Wearing Alice McCall what do you mean top from

Prepare for your mind to be blown by the expertise and charm of the staff, who rattle off a series of taste-preference questions in the quest to match you with your perfect drink from their mental encyclopaedia of cocktail recipes. Without a pen and paper, mind you.

Deadshot: May your liquor be as strong as your convictions. 45 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve been yet!


Cheyenne xx

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